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Patio Chic & Shelter

Glazed Pergolas, Verandas, Patio Awnings and Shelters (there are several names for them) are basically a robust, often open-sided, structure with a sloping glazed roof and are a great way of offering shelter during the summer when out enjoying the patio. Particularly with the recent regular bouts of light rain. These quick-to-install structures don’t need planning permission (unless they are of Kew Gardens proportions) and come in a variety of shapes, options and sizes, and are available in a number of materials, to suit the character of your home and garden.

The benefits are many and some less obvious than others. Of course, it provides shelter in terms of being able to enjoy your outside space even when the weather isn’t quite as advertised; so a spot of light rain needn’t put a dampener on a little alfresco entertaining. It will also provide some additional protection to garden furniture reducing the trips to and from the shed or garage when the elements are less than favourable. At the other end of the scale, glazing options can include tints and coatings to protect you from the sun’s harshest effects and provide a shady respite for those with a south-facing garden. A sturdy year-round structure has its advantages over roll-out awnings on this score as you won’t need to hurry to bring it back in at the slightest hint of rain (which can cause mould to set in) or a gust of wind (that can mean, well, game over..)

Perhaps the biggest plus of all is that they look so good. Add a few carnival festoon lights, some candles on your patio dining table and you have a magical spot for entertaining.

To discuss what options are best for you, please contact us for a free quotation visit and explore a new lease of life for your patio.

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