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Inside Out, Outside In

Those clever (if sometimes a little smug) designers on home-improvement shows know their stuff, and the go-to method of improving a home’s living space is often the patio, French or bi-fold door. Bringing heaps of light into the interior and giving that extra sense of space to the main living areas can make an enormous difference.

The sense of freedom this can bring is not insignificant, as many have found with our recent spate of being cooped up at home. An elegant French or patio door is a space-conscious solution, but if there is a larger expanse of wall to be played with, then the Bifold (that can, incidentally, be more than two folds and range across the entire length of a wall subject to architectural considerations) can be simply spectacular.

We can offer all of these options in uPVC or aluminium frames constructed with modern technology and with a choice of designs, glazing and handle options with the latest security innovations.

For those who have a feline in the family, we can also arrange for cat flaps to be mounted in the glass - perfect for those without a back door who don’t particularly fancy taking a sledgehammer to the external walls of their property.

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