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Is your conservatory too hot? Too Cold? Or just right?

If the three bears had a conservatory that was installed a few years ago, then the chances are that Goldilocks would have something to say about it being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. It’s probably just as well for the original installers that, as far as we know, Goldilocks doesn’t have access to Google reviews. Porridge and furniture brands can also breathe a sigh of relief on that score.


In fact, it's true that, until relatively recently, the conservatory has had a bit of a bad rep at being an abandoned waste of space simply because they can often be an uncomfortable room in which to spend time.

Thankfully, material and build technologies have moved on and modern conservatories and glass structures are designed to be cooler on warm days and warmer during colder spells. This makes the conservatory more of an extra year-round room than a place to be tolerated.

It isn’t just new build conservatories and orangeries that can benefit from these technologies and there are a number of solutions, depending on your budget, to create the perfect space in your existing conservatory that will help increase your enjoyment of that morning coffee, relax with a good book without fan or blanket or entertain guests at a dinner party under the stars in perfect comfort. Any houseplants that are relegated to this area of your home won’t grumble either with less severe conditions to contend with.

As you might imagine, the main culprit in the too hot / too cold dilemma is the glass roof and lack of insulation (which, of course, works both ways).

conservatory roof options
Temperature regulation options are available.

Conservatory Blinds can help to shield you

from the glare of the sun and act as an insulator during

the winter and there are also cooling films that can be applied to the glass (these can also act as a UV filter to protect against damage from the sun’s concentrated rays through glass.

Increased ventilation by way of fans, vents and skylights will certainly help increase air circulation when it gets hot and stuffy.

The best in class in terms of regulating the temperature must surely go to replacing the roof which will have the added bonus of softening the noise of rain, removing the task of cleaning and better general weatherproofing. New conservatory roofs are available in a range of materials including upgraded glass and polycarbonate solutions if you want to retain the full level of light or with tiles, slates and composite panels that are the most effective way of promoting your conservatory to additional room status.

Why not contact us at Simply uPVC for a free, no-obligation visit where we can talk through all the options available to you - whether it's a completely new conservatory or orangery, or improvements to an existing structure.

Goldilocks could be declaring ‘just right’ in no time.

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