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Balmoral One
  • Balmoral One

    This traditional design with a contemporary twist is equally suited to back / garden doors.


    Classic Collection Option:

    Available in Solid / Plain Glazed, Diamond Lead, Georgian Bar designs enhanced with a subtle use of backing glass options.

    Backing Glass options: Autumn, Cotswold, Stippolyte, Minster, Chinchilla


    The Heritage Collection Option: Film and lead, resin and sandblasted opaque design classics with a modern twist via specialist coloured film or computer generated resin application. Available in various woodgrains and a choice of whites to match most door frame profiles.


    Bevel Collection Option: Specially seamed and cut bevels, uniquely hand crafted on clear and opaque glass, offer privacy whilst beautifully patterned light floods your home.


    Crystal Collection Option: Exclusive clear and coloured crystal designs combine deep cut clear resin bevels, intricate backing textures and a splash of dynamic colour.


    Fused Jewels Collection Option: An imaginative fusion of handmade bevelled glass diamonds and shapes which will sparkle and refract light and colour into your home.

    *The fused jewel is smooth and takes the texture from the selected backing glass.


    The Platinum Collection Option: Exclusive designs utilising glass bevels nestled between finely patterned backgrounds and platinum coloured, soldered joint beadwork encased within two sheets of crystal clear glass.

    *The Platinum designs are made using single pieces of glass which may contain minor imperfections. These contribute to the unique nature of the design.

    Optional Foils


      Outside Glazing: Solid / Plain Glazed, Diamond Lead, Georgian Bar

      Inside Glazing: Autumn, Cotswold, Stippolyte, Minster, Chinchilla

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